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Two bits of good news!

So Wix tells me to "add an engaging title"--no pressure! This is hardly engaging, but all I wanted was a quick post to update my website of a couple of website-worthy tidbits.

First: My third-ever first-author paper was ACCEPTED! I'm super excited that the meta-analysis I performed as part of a course here at Auburn (taught by my awesome coauthor, Dr. Alan Wilson), titled "The importance of carotenoid dose in supplementation studies with songbirds," was accepted at Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. Don't let the fact that this study was produced from coursework deceive you--this project was a ridiculously huge time sink and involved more than its fair share of hard thought, literature review, stats, and debate. Whew.

Here's a token figure from the manuscript:

Second: It's official: I'll be traveling to Lund University in SWEDEN this December to work with Dr. Dennis Hasselquist on antibody assessment in my canaries! With his help, I may have been able to get the techniques to work here in Auburn without travel, but I think it's a fabulous excuse to go for a quick visit overseas and meet some European behavioral ecologists.

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