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Update: The article is now published!! It is open source and available to read through IEE here.

This news was worthy of caps lock! In my first semester at Auburn--Fall 2012--I worked on a project in which I searched for evidence of ornamental trait change in birds over recent human history by examining the phenotypes of species depicted in illustrations. I have presented on this research at three conferences, have had this manuscript submitted more than half a dozen times (in review three times!), have added (and later removed) an entire semester-long subproject, and finally...

It's accepted!!

"A millennium of stasis in avian ornamentation? Implications for sexual selection theory" will be someday published in Ideas in Ecology and Evolution, which is the ideal medium for a thought-provoking paper with more emphasis on concepts than data.

The most exciting part? Geoff wrote "Hooray!" in response. Oh happy day!

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