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COLLECTED the data. Well, the samples, anyway!

Yesterday, I completed my final round of post-vaccination blood sampling on 20 birds to wrap up this summer's main dissertation experiments. I'm super excited to take a look at what patterns are hiding in the data--though I need to spend some time in the lab to deduce them!

I'm on track to finish up the crux of my dissertation data analysis by the end of the year (in time for SICB 2017!), while continuing to plow through video data and other manuscripts... not to mention doing what I can to secure a postdoc position for next year.

Speaking of postdocs, that whole "finding a job" thing has been a completely bonkers experience! The search for postdoctoral research positions is a whole different animal from grad school or field jobs. I'm in no hurry to leave Auburn as long as I stay productive--plus, I have too many furry, feathery, and scaly friends here at home to move easily!--but it's also getting to be about time to experience new scientific perspectives, and a different part of the country.

Wherever I go, at least I can count on my two fur slugs and my slightly-less-furry fiance to come along for the ride.

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