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Publications and eggs

I am delighted to announce that my first-ever review article--and in fact, the first-ever article I conceived of and wrote entirely independently, up until revision--has been accepted and pre-published in Functional Ecology! You can read the informal summary here, complete with one of Geoff's lovely house finch photos.

In this paper, I review quite a few different methods available (or potentially available in the new future) for manipulating oxidative stress in animals. While I was originally interested in considering the biochemical activity of paraquat and diquat alone (two herbicides that are among the more commonly used oxidative challenges), the paper rapidly exploded into a larger review of a wide range of techniques. I hope the paper will be of use to other behavioral ecologists like me who dabble in oxidative stress!

In other news, canaries in the aviary are paired up and sitting on eggs :). It is always a delight to watch the hens in all their side-floofy glory sitting on clutches and rearing little alien babies.

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